Water Flowing on Mars Today on This Week @NASA – October 2, 2015

A major scientific discovery was announced by NASA at a Sept. 28 news conference. From its vantage point high above the Martian surface, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft has found the strongest evidence yet, that under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars. Researchers say an imaging spectrometer on MRO detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where downhill streaks, known as Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) are seen. In the past, RSL flows have been described as possibly related to liquid water. But the new findings of hydrated minerals is key evidence. Hydrated salts can lower the freezing point of liquid brine – and produce liquid water. Also, Life beyond Earth in the next decade?, “The Martian” screening event, Cargo ship departs space station, New cargo ship delivers to space station, Rare double celestial treat and Espacio a Tierra!

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