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Crew Arrival at Kennedy Space Center for NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Mission

Watch live as all four NASA SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts arrive at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Sunday, Nov. 8, ahead of their Nov. 14 launch to the International Space Station for the first fully certified crew rotation mission of our Commercial Crew Program. Administrator Jim Bridenstine will join deputy administrator Jim Morhard and Junichi Sakai […]

Marking 20 Years of Humans Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 6, 2020

Marking 20 years of humans aboard the space station, getting out the vote from space, and preparations continue for NASA and SpaceX’s next crew launch … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! Download Link:,%202020

New Canadian Cash Unveiled From Orbit

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency unveiled new Canadian currency from orbit April 30 in a ceremony with Canadian officials at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. Hadfield, who is the first Canadian commander of the orbital laboratory, joined a host of Canadian dignitaries including […]

#LaunchAmerica: Ready for the Next NASA and SpaceX Mission?

It’s not just Mission Control counting down – how are you getting ready for the next #LaunchAmerica mission? From building your own rocket to binge-watching launch coverage, share a video, photo or simply your thoughts for a chance to be featured on NASA TV and social media, as we prepare for Crew-1, the first certified […]

Space Shuttle Enterprise Removed from 747 Carrier Aircraft

At John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York, space shuttle Enterprise was removed from NASA’s 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) early Sunday morning. Enterprise will be placed on a barge that will move by tugboat up the Hudson River to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in June. The shuttle will be […]

How To Make Your Own Falcon 9 Straw Rocket

Would you like to learn how to make your own Flacon 9 straw rocket to launch in your home? Watch this tutorial to learn how. All you will need is paper, markers, scissors, tape, yarn or ribbon (optional) and a straw. Don’t miss four astronauts launching to the International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center […]

An International Agreement to Collaborate on Artemis on This Week @NASA – October 30, 2020

An international agreement to collaborate on Artemis, an intriguing discovery on the Moon, and an update on OSIRIS-REx … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! Download Link:,%202020

Gravity Assist: The History of the Future, with Steven Dick

Listen to the full episode and subscribe to this podcast at: People have long wondered whether there is life beyond Earth, but it is only recently that scientists have been able to apply the tools of space exploration to go after this question. In 1996, the Allan Hills Meteorite shook the world as scientists […]

International Space Station Expedition 1: The Beginning

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of continuous human presence aboard the International Space Station, listen as Space Foundation board member Jeanne Meserve sits down with the Expedition 1 crew, William Shepherd (NASA astronaut and Commander of Expedition 1), Sergei Krikalev (Russian cosmonaut and Flight Engineer of Expedition 1), and Yuri Gidzenko (Russian cosmonaut and […]