28 thoughts on “Meet Artemis Team Member Kayla Barron

  1. gnarmarmilla says:

    I’m glad for this woman but the name of this program is perplexing me a bit. I mean, we mistakenly named our last program, “destroyer,” (Apollo) and now, why have we named such an awesome program after a terrible name that means, “butcher,” as well as being blasphemous goddess that does not speak or give judgements because she was merely the work of man’s hands?
    It is pathetic. We are more intelligent than this.
    May God in heaven help you brilliant people at NASA to see that this is a mistake. Amen

  2. Helen Sabir says:

    9/11 changed life of many. It happened before I was born but when I got to know about this. I really wanted to fight with all evil against humanity. I just don't want to serve my country only but to the whole world and if I could get a chance I'd love to serve our solar system. I'm just in love with science and space and most important living in peace with all people on Earth 🌎💕

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