Hidden No More┃The Legacy of Mary W. Jackson

As one of the core figures from NASA’s history, Mary W. Jackson’s legacy continues to represent a commitment to excellence, diversity, inclusion and teamwork.

NASA hosts a question and answer conversation with Margot Lee Shetterly, Author of “Hidden Figures”. Shetterly speaks with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA Historian Bill Barry, and Associate Administrator of Communications Bettina Inclán.


[6:31] What drew you to the story of NASA’s Hidden Figures, and how did you get started on your research for the book?
[7:50] Where did the term Hidden Figures come from?
[9:26] Why were they called Human Computers? Who were these women and how did this come to be?
[13:17] Who was Mary W. Jackson?
[17:03] How accurate was the portrayal of Mary Jackson in the Hidden Figures film? What is NASA’s role at making these historically supported movies?
[22:06] When researching for your book did you come across any other African American hidden figures, women or men, worth noting?
[26:25] Was there anything that you found in your research that you did not portray in the movie or the book?
[30:05] Did Mary W. Jackson spend time training at NASA Headquarters?
[32:00] What advice do you think Mary W. Jackson would give to current and future NASA Leaders if she were still living today?
[35:22] What advice would you give today to a young black girl who is interested in working at NASA? What do you think about the Hidden Figures and their work?
[41:16] What are we doing as an agency with society to make sure we know more about Hidden Figures? And also, recognize other Hidden Figures that were not included in the book?
[48:00] What is NASA doing to ensure we live up to the standards set by Mary W. Jackson?

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