#AskNASA | What’s on the Apollo 13 Audio Tapes?

Software developer and website creator Ben Feist helps us step back in time with his new website, apolloinrealtime.org. Ben, a contractor at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, restored Mission Control audio of Apollo 13.

Applying new digital audio processing techniques, Ben explains how he and his team restored and digitized almost 7,200 hours of audio. The website features new audio from the mission, in particular, a phone call to Mission Control from Marilyn Lovell, Jim Lovell’s wife, the day after the explosion.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the historical Apollo 13 mission, Ben describes why the events and people from Apollo 13 continue to inspire us today.

Thanks to Stephen Slater and Ben Feist/Apollo in Real Time (apolloinrealtime.org/13) for providing footage and audio.

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