48 thoughts on “NASA and International Partners Sign Artemis Accords

  1. Dams B. says:

    As always the "partners" will be used as tool by the US to serve only the US interests… "Peace and cooperation" ? Invite China and Russia to be partners then. It's easy to be peaceful with those who are already ally… And if it is the same "peace" you brought in the Middle East, there are reasons to be skeptic about it…

  2. Arte Saffd says:

    มึงนะ แสบมาก ทำการทดลองหัวคน ผิดพลาด แล้วพากันสารต่อ เรืองทำผิดอีก เจนตนาปกปิด เหมือนเรืองจัดฉากดวงจันทร์ โกงภาษี ครัวเรือน
    ทรัม มึงก็แสบ จัดฉาก เก่ง เรืองมันยาว
    ใครสารต่อ เรืองทำผิดอีกโดนดีแน่

  3. TWSTF 8 says:

    "Enhance Peaceful Relationships Between Nations" lol YEAH, Just Like The, "Peaceful Relationship" our cooperation in Space programs has allowed us to foster with all our OTHER partners lol right?

    "Peace in Space will enable Peace on Earth!"

    That's the, "Mission Statement," lol right? The goal?

    We've been collaborating with Nations around the World in Space, admittedly historically peacefully, for the last four Decades, with ONE Nation, in particular, and yet have STILL to experience any residual, "peaceful," effects here on Earth due to that relationship.

    It's been SO antithetical to that core fundamental goal that not only do we not experience anything even RESEMBLING, "peace," with our Primary collaborator in Space, we've actually been forced to impose devastating economic sanctions and endured literal systemic ATTACKS from them that they have become, in the eyes of BOTH Nations, our #1 International ENEMY, especially in recent years.

    It's BEYOND Naive to expect, "peaceful cooperation," in Space when we can't even stop fighting with each other down here, on Earth.

    The location shouldn't make a LICK of difference whatsoever.

    If we can get along in Space, on tbe moon, or in the bottom of the friggin' Oceans of Neptune lol there's no reason we shouldn't be JUST as able to do it here, on our own Home Planet, as well.

    Talk to me about WHERE exactly our, "peaceful cooperation," is the MOST appropriate when it actually begins to be a priority, for ALL Nations involved.

    Because peaceful cooperation in Space is MEANINGLESS while we're fighting with each other incessantly here, on the Earth. 🌎

  4. Cyrus Burggraaff says:

    Guys listen! Im unsubbing NASA u want to know why? They are spending MILLIONS, BILLIONS on launches, while people are suffering couse they dont have a cent…
    Ive meditated this for a long time and this is not how we gonna save the world.

    Like if you agree.

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