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Space Station Camera Captures New Views of Hurricane Harvey

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded the remnants of tropical storm Harvey to a tropical depression on August 23, 2017 at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 UTC). Harvey became better organized and was revived after moving from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula into the Bay of Campeche. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and favorable vertical […]

Apollo 15 Remembered 40 Years Later

Apollo 15 astronauts Dave Scott and Al Worden remember fellow crew member Jim Irwin in this 40th anniversary celebration of NASA’s fourth successful manned mission to the moon. The live event was held at the Apollo Saturn V Center inside the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Apollo 15 launched from Kennedy on July […]

Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission

Apollo 12 launched from Cape Kennedy on Nov. 14, 1969, into a cloudy, rain-swept sky. Launch controllers lost telemetry contact at 36 seconds, and again at 52 seconds, when the Saturn V launch vehicle was struck by lightning. In addition to continuing Apollo’s lunar exploration tasks, Charles Conrad, Alan Bean, and Richard Gordon deployed the […]

Watch This Space: The Latest from the Moon to Mars

On the latest Watch This Space, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine looks back at 15 years of discoveries by our Opportunity rover on Mars, and forward to new commercial partnerships for missions to the Moon. Learn how we’ll work with American companies to design and develop human lunar landers and reusable systems so we can return […]

Space Station Astronauts Return Safely to Earth on This Week @NASA – December 11, 2015

On Dec. 11 aboard the International Space Station, NASA’s Kjell Lindgren, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and Kimiya Yui of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, bid farewell to crew members remaining on the station — including Commander Scott Kelly, NASA’s one-year mission astronaut. The returning members of Expedition 45 then climbed aboard their Soyuz spacecraft for […]

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Los Angeles

Space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop NASA’s 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft landed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 12:51 p.m. PDT, ending a cross-country ferry mission and returning to its place of birth, California. Endeavour was NASA’s fifth and final space shuttle to be built. Construction began on Sept. 28, 1987 and it rolled out […]

ScienceCasts: Did Earth Have Two Moons?

Did our planet once have two moons? Some researchers say so. Moreover, the missing satellite might still be up there–splattered across the far side of the Moon. NASA’s GRAIL mission could help confirm or refute the “two moon” hypothesis.