44 thoughts on “Apollo 15: "Never Been on a Ride like this Before"

  1. Jamie Wex says:

    Yeah, this was an unsung mission. It was a good ship. Even when Apollo 13 had its tank explosion due to human error (the tank was dropped during construction), it still managed to get people home. It was a good design

  2. W R says:

    How did they do all those EVAs, stay on the moon a few days, ride the rover, power there suits, all on 1960s batteries? I live in the north on a cold day my batteries are depleted quickly.

  3. Steven Swapp says:

    ☝️so dude went floating around outside the craft 197,000 miles away from home-base. Go around the earth 7 and a half times and that's roughly the distance we're talkin'.
    Had to be worth all the extra delta-V to get such massive balls skyward

  4. noworries2014+ says:

    So rad. And I am a huge space fan. But let’s feed everyone that is hungry, shelter everyone without a home, and that the current problem,fix our borders for safe and responsible entry to our country, and then, only then, let’s go to space!!

  5. Don Pettit: "We Destroyed The Apollo Tech" says:

    Now in 2022 NASA can’t even send men beyond low earth orbit, because it hasn't developed the necessary technology yet, therefore it's impossible that 50 years ago they sent men to the moon (whih is 500 times farther). Nobody will EVER be able to disprove that, so Apollo guys: Don't reply because it's a waste of time to discuss it and because I don't engage with fraudsters.

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